About us

Explosive Mission of Walking Stories

We make original cut T-shirts with a unique mission and design policy: they present artworks-stories created by illustrators and comic artists from all over the world, bringing them from paper to people. Since our second edition we are able to provide a fair cut from the sales to all collaborating artists. This project rises from a wish to support and promote art and artists as well as bring some joy and topics for a discussion in the street.

The Story of Luste

In 2011 we established an open silkscreen studio called Luste in Riga, Latvia. Since then it has been an open space for anyone with a thirst for creative action using silk-screen printing. Our master plan was to do what we love in the best possible way, be useful and enjoy the creative people around us.

As in any long-lasting relationship, a need for new adventures was knocking on the door. We tried different things, even tightrope-walking, until together with a great crew we eventually decided to create a universal platform, making the work of artists accessible to a broader audience and a part of everyday life. So now we can finally say - welcome to our new wonderland!

Luste Edition

We create "Luste Edition" original cut unisex T-shirts - walking stories, told by illustrators and comic artists. The back of each t-shirt features the artist’s name. We like to see these T-shirts as mini-galleries on two feet, whose owners make a deliberate choice to present and support the work of their chosen artist wherever they go.

In order to create these fine cut unisex t-shirts, we joined forces with our wonderful fashion designer Liene Dejus and hardworking seamstresses from Ugāle. All illustrations are hand-printed at our open silk-screen studio, conforming to the highest quality standards as well as using friendly non-toxic water-based inks.

Our team